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"I took a walk in the woods and

came out taller than the trees."


“Forest bathing is deceptively simple. The experience and effects are transformative. Missie is an excellent guide- knowledgeable, welcoming, kind.” Meg, Forest Bath Shevlin Park

about forest bathing

I love connecting with our beautiful Bend community and with visitors about outdoor wellness! Bend just seems to pull those in who already intuitively know that being outside is really good for us! But even the most seasoned outdoor enthusiasts give me a puzzled look when I mention forest bathing. People ask: Do I need a swimsuit? Is water involved? I love having these conversations because I used to have the same kinds of questions. To help folks better understand forest bathing, I put together a little Q & A. These are the top questions I have been asked since I began leading forest bath excursions.

Forest Bathing Q & A 

Where did Forest Bathing start?

The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries first developed forest bathing in 1982 as a way of addressing illness in Japanese society.  It served a dual purpose to encourage people to protect forests. When one develops an intimate relationship with more than the human world, protecting that resource and that relationship becomes essential. 

Is there any actual proof that Forest Bathing will make me healthier?  What exactly does it do?

YES! While forest bathing started based on intuition, the research followed and has shown significant positive results! There are 11 research studies that have shown that a 2-hour forest bathing experience decreased stress, anxiety, confusion, and fatigue. Forest bathing helped participants achieve a more positive mental state. In 10 studies forest bathing increased vigor. The benefits were not only psychological, but also physiological. Multiple studies have also shown stabilization of heart rate and blood pressure, increase in natural killer cells boosting our immune response, increase in heart rate variability, and decrease in cortisol levels.

How long is a Forest Bath?

A standard forest bathing session is 2 1/2 hours. The public walks I guide are 2 hours in length. Private sessions can be booked for any time frame from 90 minutes - 4 hours. 

No offense, but why can't I do this by myself?

Just as you can practice meditation or yoga on your own, you can practice forest bathing on your own. But practicing with a guide allows you to deepen your experience. A trained guide has knowledge, skills, and experience to provide you with a transformative experience. A forest bath is a unique sensory connection process. It is much more than a walk in the woods! 

Can I forest bathe in the winter?

Absolutely! In fact, a forest bath can be a great way to combat seasonal depression. We guide forest baths every Saturday in Shevlin Park, in all seasons. Prepare by dressing warmly and wearing snow boots with a traction device for walking on ice and snow. Every forest bath experience ends with forest tea, which is a great way to warm up!

Is this experience better on my own or with other people?

You can choose either. Personally, I like practicing with friends and loved ones, as well as new friends who I meet on walks. Forest bathing involves a lot of mindfulness and connection. Connection to the forest, to the more than human world, and to the people with whom you practice. When I finish a practice, I feel more connected to not only the forest world, but also to the humans – even those who were not participating in the forest bath. In post walk surveys many practitioners say they feel more connected with others around them. This is a great experience for family events, birthdays, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and kids’ events. This is also a great team building opportunity for businesses and organizations.

about r'oming yoga...

My name is Missie and I started r'oming yoga after being inspired by the healing powers of nature and my own healing journey crafted from years of yoga practice, meditation practice, and by all that is offered from our natural world, 

R'oming Yoga was started to share healing opportunities and guide others in their own creative mindful experience and connection with our peaceful planet.

At R'oming Yoga, we invite you to come play with us as we hike, meditate, connect with nature, forest bath, and build strong connections with our planet.

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All of our teachers are Yoga Alliance Certified, first aid certified, and are ready to provide you the best possible experience!

We believe that cultivating meaningful connections with our Earth promotes a healthier, happier Planet! A portion of our earnings will be donated to Discover Your Forest, a local organization providing opportunities to give back to our planet.


we believe...

r'oming Yoga welcomes all clients regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, color, race, national origin, marital status, parental status, veteran's status, religion, or physical or mental disability.

We welcome those who have little to no experience and those who have experience.

We strive to make these experiences accessible to all in a warm and welcoming environment.

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